What We Do

We are a team of creative web developers and designers, graphic designers, and marketing and branding experts. We offer our customers the complete social media package in terms of a web presence, branding, and internet marketing. Our services include:

  • Web Design & Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Software/App Development
  • Whiteboard Videos
  • SEO Optimization

In digital marketing, the website is like the nerve center or control room for all your online marketing needs. An effective internet marketing strategy leads visitors from various internet and social media sources to the website where they can find all the information they want about a business. At 4 Marketing, we provide you with an effective website that is optimized for high Google rankings and whose content is optimized for search engines. Our websites are top quality and guaranteed to keep your site visitors engaged throughout the buying process. We also offer web redesign and maintenance services.

Why choose either a beautiful design or results when you can have both? At 4 Marketing, our high quality graphic design skills ensure that we combine beautiful designs of logos, websites, and promotional materials with results.

With every business competing for the attention of social media users, we brand our customers in a unique way and market them in a manner that is digestible for social media users thereby increasing the exposure and business for our customers.

If you want a customized computer, mobile, Android, or web-based application, then we are the most affordable developer you can find anywhere. What's more, we shall do free marketing for you on this website and our social media platforms once the app is complete and ready for commercial use.

Information is likely to be more remembered when it is consumed visually than via text. Our Whiteboard explainer videos make it easier for visitors to your site to understand what your business offers and the benefits they are likely to draw from your site. 4 Marketing is the cheapest provider of quality whiteboard videos anywhere. We challenge you to find a cheaper option that will produce effective videos as ours and once you are tired of searching come back and we shall offer you a great video at a discounted price!

We optimize your website by removing broken links, creating responsive pages, and cleaning your database among other web maintenance and optimization practices to ensure your site has a high search engine ranking. This ensures that your business can be found more easily by relevant visitors. There is nothing more valuable to a business being marketed online than organic traffic. High amounts of organic traffic is what our SEO services guarantee.

Having SEO content on a website is among the main ways in which organic traffic is directed to a site. SEO content ensures that a website can easily be found from search results and increases the chances of your website being ranked higher by search engines.


More about Our Job

The modern job market is fiercely competitive with every service or product having multiple suppliers. Social media provides a platform on which businesses can access a large pool of customers thereby managing to remain competitive. However, many businesses lack knowledge on how to convert this social media potential into actual tangible benefits for the business. That is where we come in.

Social media marketing, branding, and interaction with customers are increasingly becoming invaluable to businesses. We ensure that our clients to not get lost in the multitudes by ensuring they stand out from the crowd. Standing out requires a business to demonstrate their uniqueness in order to grab the attention of prospective customers. Portraying individuality is what we are good at.

With every business competing for the attention of social media users, we brand our customers in a unique way and market them in a manner that is digestible for social media users thereby increasing the exposure and business for our customers.

Our social media marketing activities are founded on four main principles: Listening, Influencing, Networking, and Selling.

Why Hire Us?

We are reliable, affordable, hardworking, and honest.

Our rates are the cheapest in the market (I mean, where else would you get a whiteboard video from as low as $25?).

Despite our very affordable prices, our services are among the best.

We are flexible and bend over backwards to ensure the best for our customers.

Our main objective is customer satisfaction as happy customers always return for more business or refer new customers to us. This is why we go beyond what is required to ensure our customers have the best quality work at the most affordable prices in the market.

We have a customer reward system that allows customers to earn points every time they successfully complete an order with us and redeem the points for great rewards once the points reach a pre-determined threshold. We also have an affiliate program that allows our customers to earn points for every new customer they direct to us. These points are also redeemable for great products from us!

To demonstrate our success to clients, we rely on social media evaluation tools, including Google Analytics, to demonstrate how our social media marketing activities prompted customers to eventually purchase a service or product or how our activities increased awareness about a brand.


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